Importance of Grammar in Communication

English Grammar Exercises

English has become an essential part of our lives. English grammar is the basis of the English language, which plays a crucial role in the language. Communication is an essential part of everyone’s life. No individual can live without communicating with someone, and for that, we need to learn different languages. Communicating in our mother tongue is easy for everyone because we have been taught from our very childhood, but learning English can be a little tough.

English grammar is basically a set of rules and examples which is taught to the children to be good at English. It plays a vital role because it is the connection between speaking and writing the language and helps in clearly expressing our message. Strong vocabulary, good pronunciation, and thorough knowledge of English Grammar are an integral part of communication. To improve your English speaking skills, it is essential to have a good knowledge of English grammar, which includes tenses, parts of speech, active and passive voice, etc.

Why is it Important to Have a Good Knowledge of English Grammar?

English Grammar plays a vital role in effective communication. Check the few reasons mentioned below to understand the value of English grammar.

1. Essential in various forms of communication

For a lot of people, communication refers to the way of speaking, but it can be verbal, non-verbal, written, or graphical. Communication is basically the way of expressing one’s message. When you are speaking or writing your thoughts or want to deliver a message, the proper use of grammar is essential.

2. Improves way of expressing

A person can learn to communicate with others. Effective communication is when the speaker knows how to explain and the listener can understand the speaker well. If the listener cannot understand, then the communication is not effective. The use of proper grammar is essential to improve the expression skills of a person. You become more confident while speaking and do not hesitate to speak. It helps in clarifying the message you want to convey.

3. Enhances the accuracy

Grammar is essential for improving accuracy. Grammar instils a habit in the minds of learners, and when combined with reasoning and rhetoric abilities, it gradually accustoms the learner to language precision and, eventually, to thinking accuracy. The rules of grammar assist students in developing a logical and clear thinking process. As a result, kids improve their linguistic accuracy by learning grammar. You will not be able to convey your message accurately if you cannot write well.

4. Helps in Improving Your Position in Corporate

Employees who have good speaking and writing skills are more likely to perform well and reach the height of success. It has been observed in senior executives, clients, and supervisors that one of the main criteria that leads to a promotion or better title and compensation in the future is demonstrating great communication skills.

Therefore, communication plays an important role in our life, and so does grammar. To communicate fluently without any inferior complexion, we need to have a good vocabulary and good grammar skills. A lot of children worry about improving their grammar knowledge which can be mastered only by English Grammar Exercises. The more you practise, the better you perform. English grammar might be a set of rules but is not so tough to understand. It can be easily tackled if you have practised well. There is a saying, ‘practice makes a man perfect’, but a perfect practice can make a person perfect. So to improve your grammar skills, it is essential to do a lot of grammar exercises.


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