Top 5 BabySafeHouse products for your kid’s safety

Top 5 BabySafeHouse products for your kid’s safety

Using BabySafeHouse, you can create a safe environment for your child to play and explore in your home. Included in their child-proofing package is a safety strip, corner guards for furniture like a bedside table and a door stopper to keep children safe from finger pinches.

The edge guards and corner protectors don’t leave any residue and have no negative impact on the furniture. If you’re looking for a way to keep your cabinets and other storage units safe, then a cabinet latch is the product for you! The powerful double-sided adhesive makes it easy to stick to any surface.

Pinch guards for doors

There are items on the market that may aid you in childproofing your house in order to keep your kid secure. Door pinch guards which were created to safeguard your child in a number of ways, are available. They come in many shapes and sizes for different types of doors in cute colors and prints. If your baby tries to use the door, with a safety finger guard installed, they will be safeguarded from potential risks of finger pinching.

Safety Harness with Lock for Travel

In order to protect children from roaming farther away in public places, a safety harness with lock for travel is used. It is constructed from high-quality and safe components.

Comfort: The wrist-leash is made entirely of cotton, and the adjustable straps enable it to be used by anyone with a variety of wrist sizes. It also contains an anti-pinching and anti-pricking function to keep you from feeling uncomfortable. A double-sided band for children’s hands that is difficult to remove off their hands. The connection at the wrist is simple to set up and pleasant to wear for both adults and children of different sizes.

Scope: In a shopping mall, on the street, at the supermarket, at the airport, in the suburbs and in other busy areas where itis difficult to carry the baby.

Arm and elbow protectors

Athletes use elbow pads to protect themselves from possible injuries and bruising. Elbow pads may be worn by even the tiniest of newborns. Our list of the best elbow pads for 2022 includes a variety of forms and sizes, so you can make an informed decision. When it comes to crawling, there is no such thing as a risk-free environment. In order to protect them, the infants must wear adequate protective gear. BabySafeHouse is a great place to get high-quality knee and elbow guards for your baby.

Little bibs for infants

The popularity of newborn baby bibs has skyrocketed in recent years. Classic fabric bibs knotted around the neck were the only option in the past. When you go to buy a bib for your newborn infant, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options available. It’s gotten more difficult to get reliable information about newborn baby bibs, so we’ve put up this guide to help you out. This is to make it easier for those of you who are unfamiliar with the word. Any material worn around the neck to protect the baby’s clothing from being soiled while feeding is known as a bib.

Covers for the safety of switches

Plugging things into electrical outlets is a favourite pastime of young children. They want to do the same as soon as they observe you plugging in anything. It is quite unsafe for a baby to play with an electrical outlet like this. To name just a few of the various objects that youngsters have been known to insert into electrical outlets, there are keys, paper clips, knives, hair pins, and other jewellery. The danger of an electric shock is quite high if your infant plugs anything into a power socket without your permission. BabySafeHouse offers the best Socket Cover for preventing your babies from electric shocks and it can be life saving investment.


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