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IVR service

Be it a small business or a large one, hiring human agents to just answer the phone calls becomes a bit of a burden for any company. Management of business calls can be a huge undertaking for every business. Hiring employees to route the calls to a different department or answering mundane queries, is not economical. As a result of this, businesses are looking into Interactive Voice Response (IVR), or the IVR service providers to make this whole process much simpler. Although there are an ample number of service providers in India, selecting the best one for any business can be confusing and time-consuming. This article will delineate the best IVR service providers in India and have curated a list to enable businesses to choose in a much easier manner.

  • Knowlarity: It is one of the best IVR services in India. A cloud telephony platform that is trusted by more than 6000 organizations across 65 countries. It has a globally recognized name. The main features, which Knowlarity provides include,
  1. Multilingual Support:Multilingual support is being provided to the customers by customizing the messages in English, Hindi, and regional languages.
  2. 24*7 Customer Support:Uninterrupted 24*7 customer support is provided with the help of recorded messages and also resolving queries instantly.
  3. Customizable Menu: The call flow can be customized with a menu, categorized along with various sub-menu options that help navigate the customers’ queries. There are several other features like call routing, concurrent calls, call recording, etc which build in a great image of Knowlarity in the market.
  • Exotel: It is one of the building blocks that help businesses stay in touch with customers efficiently and effortlessly over calls and SMS. It is also a cloud telephony platform that is trusted by 1300 plus companies of every size.

Features: Personalized IVR, Multi-level IVR, IVR menu customization, recording, real-time notification, visual drag and drop APIs, automated calls and SMS, unlimited channels, and channel capacity, daily email reports, conditional call routings.

  • FoneBell: It offers comprehensive communication solutions that help meet the satisfaction of the customers and sound professional. FoneBell’s reliable on-premise communication tools, initiate smooth communication within the organizations to bolster business productivity.

Features: Automatic Call transfer, audio conferencing, call audit and barging, agent login/out without reason, call recording, queue reporting Skill-based Routing, call recording.

  • Ameyo: It is an all-in-one software-based communication solution, that helps manage customers’ end-to-end journeys. A highly flexible and powerful IP-based contact center software that initiates personalized communications with customers in multiple channels.

Features: Virtual Queue management, auto call distributor, missed call alert, IVR, voice blaster, call recording, automatic call distributor, VQ Pass.

  • Ozonetel: It believes in establishing brands on intelligent cloud telephony solutions. Ozonetel assumes that communication does not require to be as complex as it seems to be. Ozonetel’s IVR service offers-cloud agent and brand agent-redefine, simplify, and boost how the brand connects, communicates, and engages with customers.

Features: Easy to configure messages, Web-based IVR service, Text-to-Speech conversion,  multi-level IVR system, skill-based routing, real-time, dashboards, and reports, barge in and call monitoring.

  • IVR Guru: It provides easy control of clients as well as employees. Initiates the acceleration of business with a faster pace and less effort with this IVR service.

Features: B2B lead generation, employee tracking system, virtual phone number, customer lead management, lead grading, lead identification, lead distribution, lead nurturing.

  • Webxion: It offers cloud-based IVR service at a most reasonable price with an assurance that all calls are recorded in real-time in their web-based call log panels.

Features: Custom welcome message recording, custom IVR call flow, custom auto-response messages, data storage, detailed call logs, and free voice calls.

  • in: It is considered a leader and pioneer in providing instant call-connect solutions, including click-to-call. This IVR service has developed enterprise-ready customer connect solutions that are platform-independent. It allows users to communicate with the company representatives, with the help of easy web callbacks and gathering information at their fingertips.

Features: NDNC compliance, with the help of keypress, there is flexibility to record customer responses, Pan India presence, multilingual support, campaign tracking, and reporting, unrivaled security measures, and readymade APIs.

  • Pulse: It is the heartbeat of voice communication, that made its foray into the Indian market as an internet service provider and internet telephony service provider in the year 2003. Ever since its origination, the statistical graph has shown prominent growth in the development of a customer base and carrier interaction with end-to-end VoIP business solutions.

Features: agents have more time to deal with complex communications/ important areas of services, lower cost, improved customer services, and service with chosen languages, call logs available for auditing, based on dialed number identification service and call reason, customer prioritization is done, performance report and future enhancement.

There are various other IVR services in the markets of India that help businesses to reach the zenith of success.


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